Friday, March 09, 2007

Teach as I say, not as I do

Since June 2005, I have been working toward my Masters in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) through Chapman University. In January, I completed my final class; now all I have left to receive my M.A. is a comprehensive exam that I am scheduled to take this month on the 31st.

During this entire experience - both in Chapman's teacher credential program and their Masters program - I have been bombarded with the typical progressive education bromides about higher-level thinking, "learning to learn", authentic assessment, the evils of "rote memorization", and the belief that it is more important that one be able to find information rather than memorize it because "information is always changing". For a refresher on what Chapman University considers to be an effective educator, check out this travesty of a poster about which I have previously blogged.

Imagine my amusement when I opened up the instructions and study guide for my exam, both of which are provided by Chapman. A passage that caught my eye was this:
Candidates may not use any reference materials during the examination - e.g., notes, books. (Emphasis theirs)
Additionally, another passage says this:
When making a statement, the student must support the statement by known facts and appropriate citing of sources.
What?! You mean by rote memory? You mean they want me to regurge and cite information to them without looking it up first?

Don't misunderstand me; I'm not complaining about the format of the test. It is as it should be. What has me waxing indignant is that these pin-headed academics are using some of the very same assessment techniques on us that they tell us are verboten to use in our classrooms. Why aren't we just doing some portfolio - an "authentic assessment" as they call it - of our work that we have done over the course of the program? That's what they have recommended we do with our students. This is prima facie evidence that "progressive" educators are either as dumb as a sack of hammers, or they really don't believe their own b.s. that they sling in their graduate lessons... or both.

Good Day to You, Sir


George said...

Yes . . . could you imagine a college professors evaluating 100 portfolios with rubrics over his weekend? Yeah right! Better yet, they would have us use peer review for that kind of assessment.

Oh, and did your professors differentiate their instruction based upon assessment results, previous grades and performance, and the assumption of culture by skin color?

Imagine . . . all of this written by a visual learner.

Tia said...

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Darren said...

You almost sound surprised about the format of the test, or that there might be some inconsistencies between what they say and what they do. Don't forget, it's still a School of Education.

Chanman said...

Not surprised, just resigned :(