Saturday, March 03, 2007

Work Centers for "undocumented immigrants"

On the front page of today's Sacramento Bee was this article about the poor, pitful "day laborers" who hang out on street corners in South Sacramento. The general point of the article was to pimp for a so-called hiring center, whereby these illegal aliens could congregate and obtain work where it can be ensured that they are not "stiffed." The article starts out with this:
Nobody seems too happy with the early morning scene along Martin Luther King Boulevard: Dozens of men in work boots waving and whistling at traffic, swarming any truck that slows for the chance to mow a lawn or paint a house.

Neighbors complain about garbage left in their yards. Businesses bemoan the loitering. Police report disproportionate numbers of robberies and assaults.

Day laborers voice frustration, too, saying they often get stiffed on wages and abandoned at job sites, and there's nothing they can do about it.
There is a reason there is nothing they can do about it; the same reason a pothead can't go to the cops when he gets stiffed on a drug deal: These "day laborers" are in our country illegally. Not once in this article did I ever see the term illegal alien or illegal anything. The closest they got was "undocumented immigrant". Talk about an oxymoron: "immigrant" is a legal term that, by definition, means you are documented. So these "day laborers", these "undocumented immigrants" are standing on a street corner looking for illegal work, and here is how a captain from Sac City Police Department describes them:
Sacramento Sheriff's Capt. R.C. Smith said he realizes a day labor center won't solve the problem. But it would benefit law enforcement.

Smith said the "overwhelming majority of day laborers are, law-abiding, hardworking, honest residents" who would use the center. (emphasis: Chanman)
No Captain Smith, they are not "law-abiding". If they were law-abiding, they wouldn't be on that street corner in the first place, they would not be in Sacramento in the first place, they would not be in California in the first place, they would not be in the United States in the first place. I don't care if you are as pure as the new-fallen snow; if you come into this country illegally, you are not law-abiding. Instead, you are consciously breaking the law with every breath and step you take while you are within our country's borders.

Instead of making it easier for illegal aliens to break the law by providing them with work centers, how about make it harder for them to find work, thereby making their return trip home that much more desirable and expeditious.

Good Day to You, Sir


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nebraska girl said...

I wanted to stand up and cheer after reading this. Thank you for saying what needs to be said over and over until it is finally heard and understood by all. We are not anti-immigrant, we are anti-lawbreaker. Come here through legal channels and you will be more than welcome.

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