Sunday, March 11, 2007

Got an hour and fifteen minutes to kill?

If so, then watch this documentary from the UK's Channel 4 that debunks the notion of manmade global warming. The earth will thank you.

Update: Not sure what happened to the embedded video; it's also down at Little Green Footballs. Try this link or this link instead.

Good Day to You, Sir

(Hat tip to the uber-blog Little Green Footballs)


George said...

Loved it! Recommended it to my friends and family. I remember my dad telling about the "Global Cooling" scare.

Darren said...

LGF is awesome--if you need any more proof, watch the KosKids sputter and drool at the mere mention of that blog.

J.D. Ryan said...

What is it with you cons and your inability to do your homework before touting bullshit propaganda? I know that Reagan said facts were stupid things, but , come on, people.

LGF? I think the Klan has a pretty decent site too.

Chanman said...

Hmm j.d., can you explain to me what happened to the glacier that cut out the Yosemite Valley? What caused that to melt? Oh, and as a child in the 1970s, why was I being told that an ice age was coming? What happened with that? Oh, and why did you global warming zealots shut your yappers about last year's totally quiet hurricane season after you predicted that Katrina was just the beginning? Oh, and how exactly do you explain that rise in CO2 between 1900 and 1940 if there was only a fraction of the industrialization then that we have now? I thought it is us that makes the CO2 rise; at least that is what global warming zealots have been screaming.

Face it, temperatures have risen and fallen on this earth since there was an earth, for you to blame it all on human activity is ludicrous.

I know it sucks having your religion challenged, but these are questions to which I am just dying to know the answers.

Chanman said...

Whoops, I forgot to address your blustering about "bullshit propaganda".

I will gladly concede that were a few errors made in the documentary. However, most of it went unchallenged by the global warming zealots. Al Gore's inconvenient film had errors as well, so by your logic are you now willing to dismiss the entire thing as bullshit propaganda as well? Good for me but not for thee, eh j.d.?

By the way, what does Little Green Footballs have to do with the Ku Klux Klan? Maybe you can explain that one to me. Whenever lefties can't win an argument, they always dismiss their opponent as

a) a Nazi
b) a racist (or KKKer)

Thank you for not disappointing.