Sunday, March 25, 2007

The changing music industry

This is one of the more unusual articles to which I have ever linked. It is a post from the blog of the band Counting Crows that they maintain on their official website. My wife is an obsessive Crows fan of the first order, and she pointed out this article, which was written by the band's piano player. The reason I am mentioning this article is because while I am writing this post, I am also downloading an enormous stack of CDs onto our computer in order to add the tracks to my wife's and my MP3 players. The gist of this article addresses exactly what I am currently doing. While the RIAA was cracking down on tweenyboppers and college students who were downloading free music off Napster and Kazaa, the recording industry was losing 97% of its money off people like me who burn and share CDs, not free music off the internet. That certainly explains why I was able to load the Counting Crows earlier albums onto my wife's MP3 player, but not the most recent CDs, because the Crows are one of the bands out there that have some sort of copyright protection code embedded on their discs.

The most poignant fact that I culled from the article was the very last sentence, where the author posited that these days, the Counting Crows make more money from touring than they do from selling records. In fact he said that once upon a time, a band would tour in order to promote a record; now, a band releases a record in order to promote a tour!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some CDs to rip.

Good Day to You, Sir


CentFla said...

I am a huge Rush fan and the rumour mill is that their new album - release date is May 1 - will be released in a new format that is 5.1 and "DVD Format". They are also said to include things like wall paper, ring tones and "making of" video of the album. Warner has hinted that Linkin Park and Rush will have the first CDs ever released in this format.

Odd that in an era of paying $3 for a ring tone the record industry can not make any money on music...

Chanman said...

I got my pound of flesh from the greedy bastards in the music industry: Four years ago, I downloaded about 300 songs for free from Kazaa before the RIAA started cracking down and I dropped my account. I have all those songs on my MP3 player.

Ah, Rush...

"Summers going fast --
Nights growing colder
Children growing up --
Old friends growing older
Experience slips away..."

Time Stand Still (1987) -My favorite Rush song