Friday, February 23, 2007

They thought this would get their iPod back?

In Germantown, Pennsylvania, two high school students assaulted their math teacher after he confiscated an iPod from one of them. They broke the poor guy's neck. Now the two students are in the slamma. There is a policy banning electronic devices at my campus. On average, I confiscate probably three or four iPods/MP3/CD players a week. I can think of some students on my campus who, if I confiscated their electronic device, would like to do to me what those two Germantown students did to their teacher, but I can't imagine any students on my campus getting froggy enough to actually jump.

What really got me in the article was this blurb near the end:
...both students face serious criminal charges and will be expelled. (Philadelphia Schools CEO) Paul Vallas also said the two students involved in the attack were in the process of being expelled from the school because of disciplinary reasons. (Chanman's emphasis)
What were these two clowns still doing on campus? I see this horsecrap in my neck of the woods too. There are some select students on my campus who are always the subject of faculty consternation. We teachers scratch our heads and ask each other, "What is that kid still doing here? How many more chances is he going to get before they finally get rid of him?" We know the answer. It's a mixture of bad court decisions, bad lawmaking, and timid administration. The legal system and our legislature has tied our hands and feet together to the point where it is now impossible to truly get rid of student. Expulsion isn't even expulsion anymore. After the wayward student has shown acceptable progress in some worthless, gobbeldy-gook anger management program, his expulsion is rescinded, and he can come right back to the campus from which he was removed in the first place. The the video news story that accompanies the article features Mr. Vallas admitting that the two students were also expelled from Roosevelt Middle School when they attended there, but (Pennsylvania) state law only allows a student to be expelled for one year. I see California isn't the only state that has lost it's bloody mind. The whole situation would be a pathetic joke, but for the fact that these disruptive, violent, shameless hooligans are ruining the education of the students who truly give a hoot about their education. Hence, I find nothing funny about it.

Good Day to You, Sir

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George said...

From another article about Mr. Burd: "Most of these students have never held a camera like his before-the class of 15 to 25 typically shares one digital camera-and they're lucky if they get to take one or two photos each per class. Their teacher Frank Burd often pays out of his own pocket to print photos so his students can see their world in new ways".

Here is a video link: