Thursday, February 08, 2007

My only observation about the death of Anna Nicole Smith

Believe me, I will keep this short. With her death, this whole sordid tale has taken quite a Shakespearian turn. It all began with the 1995 death of ANS's husband - who was 63 years her senior - J. Howard Marshall. Once he died, the legal battle over the inheritance began between ANS, and her step-son (!) E. Pierce Marshall, who was 30 years her senior. Last summer, E. Pierce Marshall died, then several months later, ANS's 20 year-old son Daniel died. Now Anna Nicole Smith has died. That is a lot of dead people. No, I am not putting forward any conspiracy theories or supernatural curse theories. I just find it... intriguing.

Good Day to You, Sir

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t said...

I couldn't believe the reaction of some women at work when this came out. My reaction…"shocker!". And I hate to sound callous, but big loss.

I don't think there's any sort of conspiracy here. And I hope people don't try to turn this into another Marilyn Monroe, FBI, CIA, Kennedy-type death. In fact, except for her phony looks, the Marilyn comparison is hard to find.

Here is my take on the situation. Her walking dead husband, died of, oh I don't know, AGE. He was what, 150? The stepson probably died of a massive stroke of some kind due to all the dealings with his, uh, step-mom. Who wouldn't crack under that kind of ridiculous stress? As for her son, drugs. No ifs, ands or buts about it. He used drugs, he was around drugs, and he paid the consequences.

As for the poster child for any True Hollywood Story, Ms. Smith, my theory is that she overdosed. I saw a clip of her slurring her words not too long ago and the first thing that came to mind is "what the hell is she on?". Maybe she overdosed on TrimSpa baby! Anyone else remember that clip from, what, the Oscars? When she came out and slurred, “do you like my blauby?”. Nice.

The only person I feel sorry for is her small child who is now left alone. In fact, as of yet, nobody even knows who that child’s father is. But whoever he is, he’s probably looking forward to the wad of cash that the death of ANS has left his loving child.