Sunday, February 18, 2007

From where do my readers hail?

Darren at RightOnTheLeftCoast (see blogroll) made me aware of this feature whereby I can see where my readers are from. Let's hope it works.

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t said...

Very cool. I think there's a problem with the time that it lists. I'm pretty sure I'm the "Anderson, CA" visitor, but when I viewed your site at 7:00 am it stated that I viewed at about 9 am. And right now, at 3:02 pm, it states that my viewing time is 16:56, which if I use my vast knowledge of all things military, so pretty much nada, I have jumped into the future two hours ahead. Is this possibly set up to use another time zone?

I’m confused! Where am I?? When am I???!!!

Chanman said...

Wow! 37 views today from all over the country. I am truly humbled... and no I am not being sarcastic!

Keep reading folks, whether you disagree with me agree with me. The exchange of ideas is a beautiful thing.