Friday, February 02, 2007

An "electrifyingly" ridiculous proposed law

Seeing as how I hail from California, it's pretty sad that the following info got by me unnoticed and I found out about it from a blogger in Vermont (see She's Right on my blogroll), but here is the bad and the ugly:

Leave it to the loonies of the California state legislature to come up with a bill like this one. Lloyd Levine, a Los Angeles assemblyman and a Democrat (Shocking! Get it? Shocking?), wants a law passed in California that would force Golden State residents to only use those spirally-looking flourescent light bulbs in their homes and businesses. With all the problems our fair state is facing right now, I am glad to see that the legislature is looking out for me by prioritizing and only concentrating on the most pressing issues. Remember though, the lefties always swear up and down that they value personal liberty more than the right and that it is the right that is always pushing their values on other people.

I hate, and have always hated, flourescent light. That infernal buzzing noise literally gives me a headache, and the light is never bright enough; it always has a washed-out feeling to it.

Next thing you know, the government is going to tell us how many gallons of water our toilets can use when we flush... wait one sec... what's that?... Damn!

Good Day to You, Sir


t said...

Does this mean that in order to enforce this most ridiculous law, they will make it illegal for light bulb vendors to carry anything other than this spiral bulbs? Will we see mass arrests of Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Lowes purchasing agents? And if I go outside the state to buy my contraband bulbs, will I face jail time if the PG&E agent comes around and sees them?? Much like you, I hate fluorescents. In fact, here at work, I had the one directly above me dismantled.

Big eye roll and a "whatever" to this one.

Darren said...

But think of the black market opportunities. You can *say* you're going to Reno to gamble for the weekend, but little do they know you're *really* gambling--with your LIFE!