Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My favorite show on TV doesn't disappoint

Over the long MLK weekend, I took my two year old son up to God's Country to visit my parents while my wife used a free Southwest Airlines ticket to take our infant daughter with her and go visit her sister and family way down in the far southern reaches of our state. There was a deep freeze happening in California over the weekend, with even Sacramento waking up to 25 degrees. Where I was however, it was a whopping 5 degrees when I woke up Saturday morning. I walked outside to get a feel of the air, and within under a minute, my face and fingers hurt. My son however seems impervious to the cold. I bundled him up and he spent a good part of the morning tooling around in my parents' backyard.

Since I was away from home and visiting, I held off on watching the new season opener of 24 until tonight (thank you DVR!). It's another barnburner. It's late and I have to work tomorrow, but I had just a few short observations about the new season:

1. I would have liked to have seen the season involve the Chinese angle more. They make good villains.

2. I am glad that Fox had the balls to use radical Muslims as the terrorists again. After they essentially gave in to CAIR* a couple of seasons ago, it is nice to see that not only are the show's writers facing up to the reality of our times, they are doing a more authentic treatment to the topic than last time.

3. I was sorry to see the Curtis Manning character get killed off, but I had a pretty good idea he was going to buy the farm this season.

4. Watching Jack Bauer wrap his teeth around a terrorist's throat and rip out a portion of his trachea and carotid area is about as good as it gets. Don't forget the coup de grace, when Jack quickly turned his head to the side and spit out the mouthful of flesh and gristle. AWESOME!!!

Good Night, and Good Day to You, Sir


yvonne said...

I had to give up on that show in the second season when I couldn't suspend my disbelief that Jack's daughter continued to be so dumb and helpless. I wanted to shake her and shout, "Wake up and grow a spine already!"

Howard Davis said...

Agreed on Curtis. I was shocked that he got killed. He was one of my favorites. I figured he'd get killed this year, but certainly not the way it happened. Definitely not what anyone was expecting.

I, too, would like to have seen more of the China thing.

I don't it think was political correctness or CAIR that made the enemy of the season non-Arab for a while. I think it was just showing the wide variety of threats that we face. So, some seasons are radical muslims, another they are Chechyans or a South American drug cartel. I think they just wanted to keep the show different.

Miroslav said...

Yeah, I was shocked to see them take such a strong angle on the terrorist situation. They seem to be working both angles pretty hard though, which is at least fair/balanced. They are bashing the guys in the white house who are pro-racial profiling (as I am), while simulatneously having the sympathizers end up being screwed over after saving actual terrorists (that story line took guts to air!). Good stuff.