Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More on the "We oppose the war, but support the troops" nonsense

I have been engaging in a back-and-forth in the comments section of one of my recent posts concerning all these anti-war protestors who say they support the troops in Iraq, even if they are against the war. I said in the original post that you can't have it both ways; you cannot support the troops by emboldening the enemy to keep on fighting our troops.

A reader - CentFla - who says he is a former Marine (I'll take him at his word), took issue with my stance and gave me the website to Iraq Vets Against the War. Just like in Vietnam, we have veterans of the war who are now protesting it, but in the fairness of presenting both sides, let's see what these soldiers - currently serving in Iraq - have to say about people who say they support them, even if they don't support the war.

Good Day to You, Sir


CentFla said...

I am unsure why you felt compelled to mention that you take me at my word. Click on my name and check my web page Virtuality and see a scanned copy of my Marine Corp ID card.
You really must learn to face that this war is a catastrophe like we have never faced. It was unnecesary from the begining and opened a pandora's box in the Middle East. It was clearly the most foolish thing a president has ever done.

If Bay of Pigs haunted Kenndy because a dozen people died, this should send W Shrieking into the night for the rest of his life. He will never be able to pay enough for his giagantic folly. 70% of this country have stepped away from his kool-aid, so should you dear readers.

I have family in Iraq right now, & my Nephew is not the first member of the family over there since it's begining. I love them both and pray for every service member over there, but they should not be the tip of the spear in this Civil War even though our president created it.

To all who support this war: You do not own the troops, you do not have exclusivity in supporting them. And truly, you should stop hiding behind them. As a former member of the Marine Corps (trust or verify but it is true) I can say that your type of support is nothing short of pity and quite frankly I do not need any of that. If we could all agree that we all support the troops, then what else do you have to support this war? There is nothing, those who support this war use the troops as a frock over the emporers new clothes. There is nothing else there. What the troops really need is a plan that changes when the situation on the ground changes. They do not need pandering, they do not need your pity. These are not a bunch of red-neck inbred, morons. These are your neighbors kids, most of the between19 - 21. These are kids you see at the store bagging groceries. These are the kids that were trick-or-treating at your house ten or twelve years ago.

Thanks for the forum, as always though I disagree, I do so respectfully.

Darren said...

Personally, I support the players but not the Super Bowl.