Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Iranian Connection

I opened up this morning's Sacramento Bee to see an above-the-fold AP news story on the front page about the circumstances surrounding the demise of four of our brave soldiers in Iraq. Recently, in the city of Karbala, an American-manned outpost was attacked, and five U.S. soldiers were killed. Now, we are starting to find out more details. One soldier was killed outright during the fighting. The other four U.S. soldiers, however, were found dead with bullets in their heads more than 20 miles from the scene of the firefight. It turns out that these soldiers had been captured/kidnapped, then ruthlessly executed later on.

But that's not all. The "insurgents" (terrorists) who did this were able to gain access to these American soldiers by driving up to the front gate driving black Suburban SUVs and wearing the full regalia of American combat fatigues and equipment. The terrorists even spoke English. Their ruse was believable enough to get them through the front gate, and then the shooting began.

When I read this story in the Bee, my first thought was where did these terrorists get the money and training to pull off this operation? It takes quite a bit of funding to obtain several Suburban SUVs, American uniforms and combat equipment, American weapons, and the opportunity to train and rehearse for such an operation. I always hear how these terrorists in Iraq are terrorists in the first place because they can't get a job and are enraged by their poverty and circumstances, so what gives? I came to the immediate conclusion that the government of Iran has got to be behind this operation. They have already begun to be implicated more and more with supporting the terrorists we are fighting in Iraq, with President Bush (finally) authorizing the other day for our troops to engage and kill any Iranian agents they run across within the borders of Iraq, and I surmised that this is exactly something that Iran would be behind. After doing a little surfing this afternoon, it turns out that I am not the only one to come to this conclusion.

Here is a link from to a story by blogger Bill Roggio, who has spent months in Iraq with our troops. According to Roggio's sources, Iran's fingerprints are all over this atrocity, and if this is truly the case, what is our government going to do about it? We have been wussy-footing around with Ahmad-Ima-whackjob for long enough already. What will it take for our elected leaders to finally grow the cajones necessary to buck oh-so-enlightened world opinion, and take out this wanna-be Hitler?

On another note, this is another example of the true face of our enemy. When we capture enemy combatants, they get a paid vacation to the Cuban tropics where they gain weight while in captivity, and they get a cell with an arrow painted on the floor indicating the direction of Mecca. When our troops' actions go beyond that, such as the Abu Ghraib scandal, the offenders are punished and the New York Times runs stories about the "abuses" and "torture" for literally months on end.

When our troops are captured by the enemy, they are either executed on the spot, or they are taken somewhere to be tortured first, then executed, either by being shot or beheaded. Where are the months of New York Times stories about that? The double standard on the part of the mainstream media (Fox News excluded) absolutely sickens me.

Good Day to You, Sir


Polski3 said...

IMO, if we had a President who had the brains and courage to admit Iraq was all a big mistake, and order our soldiers home, this would end. Time to let the Iraq decide how to maintain Iraq or divide it into the sectors that are there (Sunni, Shiite and Kurd).

HOW much could have been done to improve the lives of OUR people with all that money that has been wasted in Iraq ?????

AND, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfelt, Rice and Company should be tried for treason for their crimes of sending so many of our (mostly) young people to be killed and their failure to properly support them (such as the lack of armored patrol vehicles, lack of personal body armor, Halliburton telling our soldiers they can't have seconds at chow unless they pay for their seconds, etc.)

Chanman said...

Hey Polski!

Well, I have to agree and disagree. I don't think that Iraq was a mistake as far as going there and deposing Saddam.

Where I do agree with you is the way in which this "war" has been conducted. If you are going to send our military somewhere, send them there to win, then get them the hell out of there, or don't send them at all. Instead, Bush channeled the ghost of Lyndon Johnson and sent our troops to Iraq to fight with one hand tied behind their backs.

One thing: I hope you really are Polski3, because I notice that I can't link on your name to bring up your profile; every other time you have ever commented, I your name is the color blue, not black. Just checking to make sure someone isn't putting words in your mouth.

Thanks again!

Polski3 said...


Re: link probably depends on if I have signed in with Google/blogger or have just clicked "Other". Sometimes Google-blogger does not seem to wish to accept my password and always ignores it when I click on "keep me signed in on this computer".

Its me....

Polski3 said...

See, I signed in.....its blue. On this comment, I will sign in as "other"

Re: Iraq. I agree that having S. Hussain and his ilk out is good for many in Iraq. But, IMO, it is not the job of the US military to force a change in government of a foreign nation, to try to impose democracy to a region where there is no understanding of the concept OR, to finish what is precieved to be a job left undone by Daddy.

The sooner we leave Iraq, the sooner the people of Iraq can begin to decide what kind of country they want. It will not be easy or painless, but our American Revolution was not either.

I believe that the random lines drawn across the deserts to form Iraq will be replaced with new borders along the lines of where most of the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites are living.....They can work out some compromise as to how to divide up the oil money....if they stop destroying their only real source of income.