Sunday, December 24, 2006

Now that's what I call Losing my Religion!

Do you remember that great 1991 song by R.E.M.? It had a bit of controversy at the time because it didn't mean what people figured it meant. Losing one's religion is really an old southern slang term that means you're flying off the handle.

That is exactly what this guy has done, that is, if he ever had a handle off which to fly to begin with. If I was to ever set myself on fire in protest of something, I know that it would not be for this guy's twisted reason. Think of it as the ultimate act of moonbattery! This is the second person in recent days to set himself on fire to protest something in this country. A vicar fatally set himself ablaze in Germany last month, but at least it was for a more admirable cause.

Meanwhile, I will continue to refer to the two spans of time off as "Christmas Break" and "Easter Break" - just like I always have.

Good Day to You, Sir

1 comment:

teri said...

I wonder if these folks understand that:

fire + human flesh = disfigurement OR death

and if they're protesting something they should really be alive and able to speak to voice their opinion.

what idiots!