Thursday, December 07, 2006

Al Gore forgets to take his meds again

Yesterday, Al Gore told NBC News that the war in Iraq is, "The worst strategic mistake in the history of the United States." Wow! That is quite a statement. Maybe Mr. Gore is being a little rash here. There has to be some other event in our country's history - Vietnam - that was an even worse mistake than the Iraq War. How about you my gentle readers? Can you think - Vietnam - of any other possible candidate for worst strategic mistake - Vietnam - in the 230 year history of our country?

Right now, I have on my history teacher cap as I ponder - Vietnam - what could possibly have been a worse strategic mistake - Vietnam - than the war we are currently fighting in Iraq. Well, I keep thinking - Vietnam - and nothing is coming to mind. I guess - Vietnam - that Al Gore may be correct after all. I just can't think of any other example - Vietnam - that I can use to refute his stated position. I'll just have to keep working on it - Vietnam.

Good Day to You, Sir - Vietnam


t said...

You would make Mr. Subliminal from SNL proud.

Howard Davis said...

This Iraq war is the greatest foreign policy disaster in our history. Gore is absolutely right. The consequences of this disaster will be much more dramatic than after Vietnam. That's what makes it such a blunder.

I'm not defending the the Vietnam War -- it was a mistake. In fact, nothing that wasn't accomplished by 1964 got accomplished by 1974 except that 10s of thousands of soldiers died.

Now Bush is attempting to continue the Iraq War using the same rationale that Johnson and Nixon did during their time -- that we have to stay to honor those that have already died for the cause.

Rather than recognizing a mistake and getting out of it, Bush, Johnson and Nixon dug in and make it much longer and more tragic.

Chanman said...


Iraq: 3,000 American dead
Vietnam: 58,000 American dead

Iraq: 40,000+ Iraqi dead
Vietnam: 2 to 3 million+ dead in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos

The biggest disaster about the war in Iraq is that, like Vietnam, we aren't committing enough troops and we are not allowing our soldiers to win.

If we just cut and run like your side wants to do, then THAT would be the greatest foreign policy disaster in our history. It would basically announce to the Islamic crazies of the world that it is now open season on the United States.

nebraska girl said...

Note to self: No drinking milk while reading chanman's blog. Pardon me while I clean up the keyboard.