Friday, November 03, 2006

How do you spell Schizophrenia? I-r-a-q W-M-D

I have posted before about how, despite common belief, weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq on numerous occasions. Now we have no less an authority than the New York Times* unwittingly (it seems) agreeing that Saddam Hussein was actively trying to develop nuclear weapons. The United States government is in possession of literally millions of documents from the Saddam regime that were captured after our invasion in March 2003. Only a small fraction of those documents have been translated and analyzed.

Some of those documents were recently posted on a U.S. government website in order to show the public that Saddam was working on a WMD program. What was in some of those documents? Check out this tidbit from the NYT article:
The documents, roughly a dozen in number, contain charts, diagrams, equations and lengthy narratives about bomb building that nuclear experts who have viewed them say go beyond what is available elsewhere on the Internet and in other public forums. For instance, the papers give detailed information on how to build nuclear firing circuits and triggering explosives, as well as the radioactive cores of atom bombs.
Plenty of people - including the New York Times - got their panties in a bunch about these documents being posted for the public to see because of the information that was made available. In the words of one former government official that the Times found to bash the Bush Administration:
“For the U.S. to toss a match into this flammable area is very irresponsible,” said A. Bryan Siebert, a former director of classification at the federal Department of Energy, which runs the nation’s nuclear arms program. “There’s a lot of things about nuclear weapons that are secret and should remain so.”
Isn't that exactly the point?! Did the Times and indignant lefties out there (redundant) forget where these documents came from? The documents were in possession of the Saddam government! The Saddam government was in possession of this information that is "secret and should remain so." Lord only knows how long it would have taken Saddam and his cronies to put that nuclear information to use had we not gone in and kicked him out of power, and by some accounts, it was only a matter of months.

The funny thing is that the Times obviously printed this article in an attempt to zing President Bush again - Look at this dummy of a president posting sensitive nuclear information on the internet! In their throes of BDS**, I don't know if they realize that they alerted the American people to the fact that Saddam was in possession of this very information that would make it that much easier to build a nuclear weapon. This fact strengthens the Bush administration's argument for invading Iraq in the first place. We would never have known about these nuclear documents had we not invaded.

*New York Times' website requires you to register. If you don't feel like doing that, check out this article instead.

**Bush Derangement Syndrome

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