Monday, November 13, 2006

The GOP lives up to its reputation

Here they had a chance to make a splash, and then in an all-too-typical move, the Republicans once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by nominating the wishy-washy Mel Martinez to the position of Chairman of the Republican National Committee. If you remember, I recently posted that Michael Steele of Maryland was being considered for the job. This was just too much so I fired off the following (rambling) letter to the RNC:

To Whom it May Concern:

Please tell me you're not serious. Please tell me its all a big
practical joke and that you are all going to jump up and say, "Just
kidding!" Please tell me you learned something, anything, from last
Tuesday's smackdown at the hands of the Democrats.

I just read that you plan to install Senator Mel Martinez of Florida as
the new Chair of the RNC. Again, have you learned nothing from last
week's election? Senator Martinez is a nice guy and all, but he has no
business being the Chair of the RNC. Aside from being an incompetent
campaigner, he should not be splitting his duties between being a
full-time Senator and the RNC Chair. That has conflict of interest
written all over it.

I have been a registered Republican for most of my life - I flirted with
the Libertarian party for a couple of years - and I am beginning to
wonder if I goofed by switching back to the GOP in time for the 2004
election when I thought it was so important that President Bush defeat
John Kerry. What has President Bush given me? Democrat-lite, that's
what. If I wanted to vote for a Democrat, I would have voted for a
Democrat. President Bush has not vetoed a single spending bill, he has
caved in, big time, to the open borders crowd, and what do you geniuses
do? You nominate a guy for RNC Chair who thinks the same way. Are you
aware of why you lost this election, aside from the corruption of
dummies like Cunningham, Ney, Pombo, and Foley? It is because you have
abandoned the likes of me, the kind of Republican who keeps you in
office. The Republican candidates may have lost their seats hand over
fist, but you will notice that traditional conservative ideas cleaned
up. All the defense of marriage amendments passed, with the exception
of Arizona, a liberal state like Michigan repudiated affirmative action,
and speaking of Arizona, they voted to cut off certain government
services from illegal aliens. All you have to do is come home to the
conservative ideas we are known for, and we will dominate once again.
If you continue to abandon me and millions of other like-minded
Republican voters, by supporting higher spending and illegal alien
amnesty, and if you show that support by nominating an advocate of those
policies like Mel Martinez, then you can kiss my Republican vote
goodbye. Will I vote for the Democrats? Hell no, but I won't vote for
you either.

I am sick and tired of you squishy jellyfish giving in time and again to
the Democrats, and then patting yourselves on the back because of how
gentlemenly you were. Have you forgotten everything Ronald Reagan
taught you? Stand up to the Democrats! Don't offer yourselves up as a
lighter version of them. Don't install Mel Martinez as the new RNC

I can't tell you how excited I was when I heard that Michael Steele of
Maryland was being considered for the job. He is fresh, exciting,
"steele" willed, and did a heck of job running against an establishment
candidate in a very Democrat state. Bottom line, Mr. Steele is not
afraid to stand up to the Democrats. That is exactly what we need.

In the name of all that is good and holy, please re-consider Michael
Steele and do not install Mel Martinez as the next Chair of the
Republican National Committee. Your vote from me and from millions
of other Republicans will depend on the decision you are about to make.

Thank you,
Sacramento, California
Registered Republican

Not my best effort, but my brain is a little hazy from being up all night with a teething six-month old. Apparently, the final decision won't be made until all the state party chairmen meet in January. During that time, we can do our part by bombarding the RNC with correspondence expressing our displeasure with their business-as-usual crap. If you care to opine, write to them at

Good Day to You, Sir


Polski3 said...

My best comment to this post would be: "Ditto." I am an independant -----changed a few years ago due to my disgust with the "Republicans" promising so much for families and America back in the early 90's, then delivering NOTHING but crap.

To slightly change and paraphrase the Bard, "Kill all the Politicians".

How can "us" average, hard working Americans change this system? IMO, two things that would help are term limits.....If a President of the USA can only serve two terms, that should be good enough for our members of the House of Representitives and US Senate. Do some service to your country, then go home and resume your life.

Secondly, campaign finance reform of some limit campaign contributions to $10.00 per individual or corporation.

There is an old latin quote, something about the more laws a state has, the more corrupt the state.

Thanks for a good post !

George said...

May I cut and paste?

Chanman said...

Cut and paste? Be my guest.