Thursday, October 05, 2006

Left-wing thuggery in action

On Wednesday of this week, Jim Gilchrist, who is the leader of the Minuteman Project down on our pourous border with Mexico, came to Columbia University in New York City to give a speech. He was invited there by the campus Republican organization. Things did not go well. Several left-wing/socialist/racist organizations showed up and disrupted the speeches, then finally stormed the stage. Luckily, video cameras were there and recorded this stellar example of left-wing "tolerance" in all its brutal glory. See also this news article about the ugly incident.

Good Day to You, Sir


bluejay said...

How can so many supposedly intelligent people be so mind-numbingly STUPID! They act as if they have just been told that there will not be enough Tickle-me Elmo dolls for Christmas.

George said...

I have held for awhile now that Leftists masquerade as liberals. They really are, as they often accuse the right of being, themselves Fascists. They tout values which they themselves do not hold. For them the only answer is revolution . . . I mean "gesture" . . . how revolutionary really was the disturbance? Nice gesture.