Monday, August 14, 2006

Who, me?

I just found out the other day that I am going to be getting a student teacher sometime after Labor Day. I know that I am supposed to have a choice in all this, but the other day, some lady who turned out to be a big-wig from one of our local universities, walked into my classroom to give me my master teacher paperwork. I knew that Che Guevara next door was getting a student teacher, so I told her she must be looking for his room. She checked her paperwork and said, "No, you're Mr. Chanman right?" I told her I indeed was, and she showed me my name on her little printout of several teachers on my campus who were slated to receive student teachers. I told her that this was all news to me.

I think this is where she roped me in. I said, "There must be some mistake, this only my third year teaching," to which she replied, "Well, someone must think you're a really good teacher because you were recommended by the district office and your principal." Holy crap, now how am I supposed to turn the offer down after being buttered up like that? Besides, the student teacher will be with me only until Christmas break, she will observe me for the first five or six weeks, and then she will only take over one of my morning periods. It's also something I can add to my resume when I begin eventually looking for high school positions once I can't stomach middle school anymore.

So there it is; my third official year teaching (I have actually taught four if you count my long-term sub job), and I am already going to be a master teacher. Once I start dealing with this student teacher, I will probably realize that I know more about this whole teaching thing than I give myself credit for. The funny thing is that I volunteered to do this and I have no idea if I am going to be paid, and if so, how much. Ooops.

Good Day to You, Sir.


Davicker Civwohl said...

Let this student teacher do as much as you are willing to give up. This is a great learning opportunity for both of you. She will have the chance to learn what you have gained in college and two years of experience. As a student teacher I wanted to gain as much as possible but had a cooperating teacher who had a much different philosophy than mine. We clashed.
This is your chance to take students outside to work with them independently and really have an impact on them. You might also be able to teach some techniques that you would have parents do to help you out for the future.

Chanman said...

Awesome suggestions! Thank you for your input.

Darren said...

No way would they give me a student teacher. I stir the pot too much.

This can be a good deal for both of you, though. I agree with davicker.

Polski3 said...

There are some good university websites with stuff for master a google search.

Echo previous poster about it being a learning experience. You have the opportunity to show off and help mold a young mind toward the correct attitude of teaching..... keep us posted on how it is going.

jay said...

Congratulations. That is a compliment from the administration, and those things don't come to us very often.