Monday, August 07, 2006

On the first day no less

Today was my first day back teaching, and wouldn't you know it, I had to remove a student from my classroom. This is the third year in a row I have gotten this student in my class. I'm not sure why they keep doing that because she tells anyone who will listen - fellow students, other teachers, administrators - that she hates my guts and purposefully misbehaves in the hopes that she will be moved to another teacher's classroom. Yet, three years in a row now, the class schedulers have seen fit to put her in my room.

Some might see this as a case of me knowing her too well and waiting for her to screw up; not so. Today, I gave her chance after chance - too many chances really - yet all giving her more chances did was agitate her that much more. Finally, it was time for her to go. On her way out the door, she was bragging to me and the class that I wouldn't be able to call home on her because her home phone had recently been shut down. This girl is a real piece of work.

I went to the principal during my prep period and told her that I had to remove the student from my classroom. The admin and most of the teachers are well aware of this girl and her insolent, disrespectful, highly disruptive behavior. The principal gave the girl yet again another "this time I mean it" speech. I can appreciate that, but our little darling has been getting these speeches since 2004, yet nothing has changed. I can feel for my principal, as her hands are somewhat tied by the insane laws regarding special education students in this country. If this girl didn't have an IEP, I suspect she would have been booted a long time ago. But since she receives Special Ed services, she is more protected from disciplinary measures, even though her behavior has nothing to do with her learning disability. She is just a mean, loud, obnoxious bully who loves to torment both her fellow students and even her teachers. She goes through life lashing out at anyone who dares tell her what to do. And meanwhile, she is given chance, after chance, after chance, after chance... I shudder to think what she will do when she encounters an authority figure that she can't buffalo with an IEP?

On a positive note, she was my only bad experience of the day. I certainly saw other students today with whom I know I will eventually butt heads; that's just part of the job. Mostly, I saw polite, enthusiastic students who are ready to learn something. Let's get started!

Good Day to You, Sir


T said...

Did you ever think that your administration is testing you? Or just having a good laugh at your expense? Maybe they have heard of your evil political views and are subtly trying to get you to quit.

Keep up the good work Chanman!

Darren said...

Actually, the special ed thing is a myth. If her behavior is not caused by her disability, she has *no* extra protections for her behavior.

I'd push the issue. Then again, I kinda like pushing issues :-)

Chanman said...

I talked to the VP about her today. Apparently, there have been hearings at the district regarding her case. Some "experts" have said that her behavior is caused by her learning disability; other "experts" say the opposite. In the meantime, I have to deal with this bull in a china shop every day.

Teri said...

isn't there a "special" school for these "special" people who do "special" things to people each and every year.

her disability my ass!

Darren said...

I can find the ed code citation if you need it, but you're allowed *by law* to suspend a student for one full class period (the rest of the period today, and the entire period the next school day) if you've taken reasonable steps to correct the behavior.

Try that once or twice and your administration will do something about the dumpling just to keep you from invoking your legal authority!