Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So I went to a rally today, but...

I can be such a ditz sometimes; I forgot to bring my digital camera! This afternoon, fellow blogger George Mimmen of the MimmenBlog (see links at right) and I attended a "Support Israel" rally on the west steps of California's state capitol. The rally was put on by a group called Christians United for Israel. I am horrible at guessing the size of crowds, but I can say with some confidence that the number of supporters in attendance was in excess of 500 people. The pro-terrorist crowd that showed up in response (I'll get to them in a second), numbered around 20 Kool-Aid drinkers. The shame is that instead of showing you pictures of all this, I will have to describe it instead.

The rally was pretty straightforward. There were a few speakers, including Sacramento vice mayor Rob Fong, and the head of the Israeli consulate in San Francisco. His speech was a joy to listen to, for he did not sugarcoat his words with platitudes. He said that Israel has only fought one war - it started on the day of their independence in 1948, and it hasn't quit since. Many of the pro-Israel people in attendance carried professionally produced signs that said
  • Israel wants peace; Hamas wants war
  • Israel wants peace; Hezbollah wants war
  • Christians for Israel
  • Israel gave up Gaza for peace, not 800 rocket attacks
As usual, the best entertainment came from the terrorist supporters and the moonbats who occupied the sidewalk that parallels the street in front of the capitol. Here are some of the signs I saw:
  • You can stop this war now!
  • Stop Israel's ethnic cleansing campaign
  • 9/11 was a colossal hoax
  • Stop U.S. aid to Israel
  • Preemptive war is premeditated murder
  • Impeach Bush
  • Bush and Olmert, we'll see you at the Hague
  • Gaza: Witness to genocide
Additionally, there was a human-shaped cardboard cutout with a star of David on its chest with the words "baby killer" written above the star; there were various Palestinian flags, along with a Lebanese flag and a Syrian flag, and of course the footprint of the American chicken - a peace flag. The counter-protesters were a mixed group of swarthy middle-eastern types wearing kaffiyehs, and aging hippies long-of-tooth looking for a way to recapture the protesting glory of their youth.

The two sides were kept well-separated by CHP officers on foot, horseback, and bicycle. The only transgression was by a tall bony lady carrying a sign that said W: Worst President Ever! She walked behind the pro-Israel speakers podium while holding her sign aloft. A CHP officer on a bicycle intercepted her and sent her scurrying back to her side.

Once the pro-Israel rally was over, the crowd broke up and left without incident. Some of them even walked right through the small throng of pro-terrorist people in order to get to their cars. Perhaps the crowd of cops in that area prevented anything from going down?

So there it is - the second political rally I have ever attended. The first was a counter-protest to the anti-gun Million Mom March rally held at the capitol on Mother's Day back in 2000. I would love to attend more political rallies, but they tend to be held on weekday mornings when I work for a living. Thank goodness I am on summer break!

Good Day to You, Sir, and keep up the fight Israel! Continue to defend yourself!


Darren said...

Why didn't I know about this rally?

Chanman said...

I only found out about it at the last minute when George gave me a call and asked me if I wanted to attend. He was alerted by email if I remember correctly. He must have connections, because for most of the rally, he was going up to people he knew and was schmoozing and shaking hands. It was like he knew everybody!

George said...

I used to go to a church that was very connected to the Jewish community. The rally Chanman and I attended was sponsored by Christians United for Israel. I am not a member of this organization, but as Chanman revealed I know a lot of christians who are supporters of Israel. Many of those I know used to belong to the church.

Anonymous said...

you can stop this war now

Buckhorn Road said...

Oh, do please tell me how!