Monday, June 19, 2006

Hanging in there

My rate of blog activity has been suffering lately. I just have a lot on my plate this week, as we have begun our last week of school. That's right sports fans, while many of my fellow education bloggers are already enjoying the good life, I don't get done until June 23. That is the price we pay for having the month of March off.

What with getting in grades, organizing and cleaning my classroom, beginning a new college class, and getting ready for my son's 2nd birthday party this coming weekend, my time is limited. Once this school year ends, a lot of the pressure will be off. I am looking forward to the next school year to begin in August, as I will receive that all-coveted tenure. The attrition rate for new teachers at my site is atrocious. I feel lucky to be one of the survivors. Most of the new teachers I started with in August 2004 are no longer with me. They either got chewed up and spit out by the middle schoolers we teach and said, "to hell with this", or they didn't get invited back by our administration. I was astonished to find out how many teachers who left my school last year, did so involuntarily. That makes me feel even more blessed that I was apparently considered competent enough to keep.

So there, I have posted proof that I am still alive and kicking. Meanwhile, I need a vacation!

Good Day to You, Sir

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Darren said...

So as of today, you're done. Coffee some morning?