Friday, June 30, 2006

Don't be devastated too badly

I hate to put a crimp in the lives of the handful of people who read this blog, but it is time for Chanman and his family to go on a little R&R. I will be somewhere for the next several days where there is no newspaper, no computer, no internet, no email, not even a telephone.

I know you will all be waiting with baited breath for my return to the blogosphere. Until then, you all need to get out more.

Good Week to You, Sir


teri said...

from one of your readers, have a great time. don't worry about us, we'll hold down the fort.

Darren said...

But you're missing all the good stories coming out of the NEA convention!

Fortunately, EIA has it all covered, and I'm commenting on what he's covered. Enjoy your time off! 20 more days and I leave for Colorado.