Friday, June 09, 2006

The blast that killed Zarqawi

Have you seen it? Here is a link to where you can view it. It is eye-in-the-sky footage that is priceless. Witness the terrible beauty of raw, explosive, American power. I have one question about the blast. Watch the horizontal plumes that travel away from the main blast at almost perfect right angles. How did they get the bomb to explode that way?

I just hope your computers have the capability to watch the footage. I think you need Flashplayer in order to view it.

By the way, in an update to my earlier post, you may have heard that it was confirmed that the blast did not kill Zarqawi right away. He lived just long enough to be captured by American soldiers and realize that he had been captured by American soldiers. We know this because even though he was dying, as soon as he realized he was surrounded by Americans, he tried to crawl off the stretcher on which he had been placed, in an effort to get away. As soon as he was put back on the stretcher, he went to meet Allah. How sweet that is, that he knew that the infidel got him before he croaked. What a great ending!

Good Day to You, Sir

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Darren said...

That story is like a Snickers Bar. "It satisfies."