Thursday, May 04, 2006

What Did Your Kid Learn in School Today?

On several occasions, you have read my mentions of the teacher in the classroom next door to mine. This morning, I felt a little frisky, so I walked into his classroom with the digicam and snapped some photos of some of his juicier posters that hang on his classroom wall for all of this students to see. I don't know why these words are underlined. The Blogger host site never ceases to mystify me.
We start with my favorite poster. It advertises some annual festival in San Diego called Chicano Park Day. I find this poster to be one of the most disturbing displays. The middle banner says, "Reclaiming What's Ours", and then look what your friendly neighborhood heart-ripping Aztec is holding in his hands... or is it a her?

Ahh, what would a radical Aztlan proponent be without his trusty Che Guevara poster? I have written about this Che cult before. The man was a cowardly and brutal murderer. He ordered the killing of and personally killed thousands of prisoners at La Cabana prison outside Havana during the late 1950s - early 1960s. The prisoners' crime? Not wanting to live in a communist "paradise". Keep in mind, this sociopathic mass murderer is lovingly displayed on a teacher's wall.

Yep, forget about national defense. Don't need it. Let's unconstitutionally spend our federal money on education instead.

This poster looks innocent enough unless you can read Spanish. Notice the sign in the lower left hand corner? It says "Viva La Raza" or "Long Live the Race". What "race" would that be, hmmm? Imagine a White Power festival with signs that say "Long Live the Race". 'Nuff said. Also take note of "La Guerra Esta Aqui". That means, "The War is Here". Funny, I didn't think we were at war with our neighbors to the south, but apparently, they think they are at war with us.

So there it is folks. I know some might find me to be a bit sneaky and underhanded walking into another teacher's classroom while he is not there and snapping pictures. But remember something. That is not his classroom. It belongs to the taxpayers, and they are paying him tens of thousands of dollars a year to shove his treasonous propaganda down the throats of a young and impressionable captive audience. If someone came into my room to take pictures, I would be proud to take them on a tour.

Good Day to You, Sir


George said...

Great post.

George said...

And he probably argues in favor of values neutral education !

Darren said...


You don't have a MEChA group at your school, do you?

Chanman said...

Why yes, we do have a MEChA chapter on our campus. Guess who is the advisor - I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count!

Darren said...

I've raised a stink about MEChA on campuses before--have you read El Plan de Santa Barbara and their other founding documents? Why would we allow such things on public school campuses?

We may as well have an al-Qaeda club on campus.