Monday, May 15, 2006

Should This Teacher Be Fired?

First, let's set the record straight: I wholeheartedly disagree with this teacher's view that blacks are inferior to whites. I think there are inferior cultures, but not inferior races. In my almost 34 years, I have met many inferior people of every color and ethnicity; no one race has a monopoly on ignorance and stupidity; those are both equal-opportunity afflictions.

With that said, I think it would be a travesty to fire this teacher as long as teachers on the other end of the political spectrum are allowed to teach while holding their own repugnant and dangerous views. I'm sure you have seen my pictures of my fellow teacher's classroom adorned with a poster that glorifies a mass-murdering communist, thereby letting his students know that he ascribes to a political philosophy that is responsible for the brutal deaths of around 100 million people in the 20th century alone. I know the article says that the teacher in the article isn't leaving his current school because of his views, but I'm sure he would have most likely been fired anyway. What bothers me isn't so much that he would be fired for publicly advocating views like his; it is that people with views just as abhorrent - but on the other side of the political spectrum - are in classrooms all over America, yet the media doesn't utter a peep.

Good Day to You, Sir

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Darren said...

You racist, fascist, ugly--oh hell, I agree with you.