Saturday, May 20, 2006

Incumbent Stupidity: It Never Goes Away

So I just read that Ray Nagin was just re-elected as mayor of New Orleans. This is the same guy who left those city school buses sitting in their parking lots; who waited way too long to finally tell the citizens of New Orleans that they needed to leave the city; who, after Katrina had done her damage, stood before national news cameras and blamed everyone for this mess except for himself; who, in the hurricane's aftermath and subsequent emptying out of the city's population, told supporters that New Orleans needed to remain a "chocolate city". I wonder how the mayor of, say, Burlington, Vermont would have fared in the national media had he said in a speech that Burlington needed to remain a "vanilla city"? There's that racial double-standard again of which I often speak.

So, New Orleans - My wife and I had fun visiting you three years ago, and I will always be glad that I got to see you in person before the hurricane changed everything; but from now on, you deserve everything that is coming to you, because you made your choice, and you re-elected the man who was largely responsible for the catastrophic human factor in that natural disaster. You lefties can try to blame President Bush all you want, but like it or not, disaster preparedness and relief is a local and state function, not a federal one. Remember, in a democracy, people elect the government that they deserve.

Good Day to You, Sir

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