Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Error Correction

Sometimes, a feature will change on my blog, and I don't even know how or why it happened. Case in point: it used to be that when someone commented on my blog, the comment would immediately show up. Now, the comment goes to my email first, then I have to authorize the publishing of any comments before they show up on my blog. So today, I noticed on my email that I had three new comments for my "Si Se Puede Skip School" post. I thought I published them, but instead, I think I accidentally erased them.

So... the first comment was from George over at MimmenBlog. He simply approved of my post by saying, "here, here". The second comment was from Darren at RightOnTheLeftCoast. He informed me that in his school district, the superindendent sent out an automated phone message to parents and staff that encouraged attendance at school on the day of the protest. My third comment was from a new reader named Roberto. He said it was an interesting post, but he took me to task for using the term "seditious crap" to describe the posters on my fellow teacher's wall that advocates the invasion and annexing of our southwest states back to Mexico. First, thank you for visiting my blog Roberto. I am thrilled to welcome new readers. And I think you are right, I should not have used the word "seditious". Thinking about an American working toward having part of our country taken away from us and given to another country made me change my mind. I should have used the word "treasonous" instead.

Good Day to You, Sir

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