Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Irritating Fad Du Jour Continues

Why, oh why do they do this to themselves? Walking around trying to hold up your pants isn't enough, I guess. The number of black male students on my campus who are wearing "grillz" (it pains me to even write the word), is increasing. Again, when I see a student of another race, ethnicity, or sex wearing... (wince)... grillz... I will let you know ASAP. Until then, so far it is only our black male students. Here is an interesting Fox News article that talks about the obvious fact that... (wretch)... grillz... can ruin a wearer's teeth due to the fact that saliva and bits of previous meals are trapped up against the wearer's teeth all day. Yuk!

I have a student who has defied me on numerous occasions regarding the wearing of his... (oh, the humanity!)... grillz... in my classroom. I have tried calling his mother (there is no father listed on the contact info), but she never returns my phone calls. This means that when I leave for work in about seven hours, I will take a little ziploc baggie with me. When this student walks into class tomorrow morning inevitably wearing his... (shudder)... grillz... I will have him remove them from his mouth and deposit them in said baggie. His mother may then pick them up herself from the office.

Good Day to You, Homie


Anonymous said...

As I live in a town that has a low population of black (oops, I mean African American) people, I am ignorant to some of these styles. In fact, the closes thing I've seen to these grillz would be the Hispanic child that comes back from the dentists with his or her teeth completely covered in silver. I assume that this is because their teeth are so rotten there is nothing else the dentist can do for them.

Anyway, being ignorant in this field of fashion I have to ask.... how do these things work? Do they slip over the teeth like a sleeve or are they put on in a retainer fashion? Can you only get these from a dentist or does any Wal-Mart carry them???

Either way, they are way bitchin'. Maybe a middle aged, mother of one, like myself would look bangin' in them! Maybe not. Or should I say, f**k dat shit, yo. T

Chanman said...

When I tell my aforementioned student to take them out, he appears to slip them off his teeth like a sleeve. They are only on his upper teeth, but I hear that another student on campus who I do not teach has... (ahem)... grillz... on both his lower and upper teeth. I have no idea where they buy them though. If I ever do find out, I will have fight the urge to burn these places to the ground.

Super Mom said...

LMFAO! This has to be one of your funniest posts yet, Chanman. As I also live in California I am sure that we see some of the same things. You need to write a post about "Ebonics". I would love to hear your take on MY all time pet peeve!!!! (ARGHHHH).
Super Mom

Chanman said...

Thank you for your comments Super Mom. I'm glad SOMEONE finds me funny! I will write something on Ebonics as soon as I can.

Joey said...

i agree with super mom, think is kinda funny, but i also want to hear your stand about "ebonics"