Friday, April 28, 2006

Hmm, May Day... How Appropriate

Well, I am back to blogging in a limited capacity. It has been a week since my daughter was born, and during that time, we have gotten the sleeping arrangements solidified, and I must say, she is a really good sleeper. Two years ago, our son turned my wife and me into honorary zombies.

So, with the sleep issue well under control, I can comment on the issues that I feel need my comments. Today, let's touch on this ridiculous mass protest scheduled for Monday. A couple things:

  1. I notice that it will be held on May Day. I remember as a kid in the 1980s watching the news every year on May 1st as they featured the obligatory piece on the May Day parades in the Soviet Union and other communist countries around the world. May Day is very important to socialists and communists around the world, and make no mistake about it - this big push for the legalization of illegal aliens and the whole Aztlan reconquista has huge communist and socialist support.
  2. I use the term illegal alien because that is what these people are when they come to the United States by crossing the border without permission. People who support illegal aliens never call them "illegal aliens". Their preferred monikers include illegal immigrants (but even that is way too harsh), simply immigrants, or my favorite: undocumented workers. This last one gets me because they are trying to make it a given that all illegals who come here are workers. Many of them are, but I would like to know why so many of them end up in our prisons for crimes other than coming here illegally in the first place. The commonly agreed upon number of illegal aliens in this country is around 12 million (I happen to think it is more). Using that number, that means that out of a population of 300 million people in this country, right around 4% of them are here illegally. Compare that to the fact that 25-30% of our federal prisoners are illegal aliens. Talk about disproportionate!
  3. OK, assuming that all these illegal aliens are in fact "workers", what does that say about them that so many are apparently willing to walk off their job on Monday to protest about the fact that they came here to work? I would love to counter-protest, but I will be at my job all day Monday.
  4. I am sick to death of the statement, "These people do the jobs that Americans don't or won't do". For pete's sake, even our own president said this in a speech! If you think about it, can you think of anything more demeaning to say about illegal aliens? To say that the only thing they are good for is cleaning the turds out of the punchbowl, metaphorically speaking?
  5. I don't know if any of the students at my middle school will join in our inevitable local protests, but I expect any students who don't come to school without an excused absence to face the consequences of what an unexcused absence can bring.
  6. Finally, when you watch news coverage of these protests on Monday's news, don't let all the American flags and red, white, and blue fool you. These people made their true feelings known in their initial protests when they flew the Mexican flag with abandon, along with signs that proclaimed this continent to be theirs. Since they love Mexico so much, here is my proposal to them: Let the United States adopt the same exact immigration policy that their dear Mexico employs. It is a policy that only allows in highly skilled workers, and violently turns away unwanted immigrants. It is a policy that severely limits the right of non-citizens in Mexico to protest Mexico's national policies, and limits the ability of naturalized Mexican citizens to run for or hold public office. You want to bring Mexico across our borders? No problem. Let's dance!
Good Day to You, Muchacho


Darren said...

Of course they're holding this protest on May Day. International A.N.S.W.E.R. is doing the organizing, and they're neo-Stalinists. Don't believe me? Would you believe the NYTimes? Here's a link:

Anonymous said...

Listen to the interesting shit that happen to me to. As walking into the "UNITED STATES" Postal Office to pick a package up here plays the Hispanic music on the radio very loudly so everyone could hear it obviously. The usual guy that usually helps me daily starts laughing because he knows I'am going to say something smart as usual. Talking to him and only him I say where are we Mexico and we laugh together. These two women and a man behind me yell out you should be ashamed of yourself miss. I said why should I be I'am proud to be a American well then I was advised to leave right away because things obviously were very heated after that statement. You know I had really nothing to say about all this shit going on but this nation is fucking bullshit now. And Bush yesterday saying the National Anthem in Spanish give me a fucking break. He is the one last week as a matter of fact that said no it wouldn't be in Spanish then this week it is. PLEASE!!!

Thank for letting me vent~

Anonymous said...

Wade, please post my comment!