Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What Does the Left Hate More: Evil or Inequality?

One of my favorite radio talk hosts is Dennis Prager. He is rather soft-spoken and cerebral; sort of the anti-Michael Savage, who I like to listen to when I am in a pissed off mood. Dennis Prager writes a great column, and here is one of his better columns that I have read lately. He lays out what exactly makes the left mad. Here is a little taste for you:
How else can one explain the Left's enchantment with Fidel Castro, the totalitarian ruler of Cuba? Clearly his evil is of little consequence. What matters to people on the Left is that there is free health care and almost universal literacy in Cuba. Whereas non-leftists believe that it is far better to be illiterate but free, leftists believe that it is better to be a literate slave.
I have had people say that to me before: "Well, Cuba has free health care and everyone can read!" I always tell them, "What good is it to have free health care if your doctor is out of medicine? What good is it to be literate if your government tells you what you can and cannot read?"

Good Day to You, Sir


George said...

I once read an article about a Cuban doctor who made more money in two days butchering meat in the black market than he did working five days a week as a doctor.

I think your question would not apply to a true leftist, because they see inequality AS evil.

You need to remind your friends the first rule of economics - There is no such as a FREE lunch. Somebody paid for it.

Concerned Citizen said...

Fidel Castro is going to hell instantly when he dies. The only good communist is a dead communist.

R, Sir.