Monday, December 05, 2005

God's Country

I am way overdue for an installment of God's Country. The fam and I drove north for the Thanksgiving holiday. We took a drive one day on Highway 89 near McCloud, which is a small town on the southeast side of Mount Shasta. The mountain was pretty clouded over, so instead, I took a shot of the late autumn sun setting behind these Ponderosa Pines. I love the forest in that area: flat, very little underbrush (just some Manzanita bushes and pine needles all over the place), and pine trees spaced far apart. And the smell - ssssssssssniff - there is nothing like it, especially in the summer when the heat warms up the pine needles and they really give off their aroma.
I do love the woods...

Good Day to You, Sir

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