Saturday, December 03, 2005

Could We Please Learn from Our Mistakes?

Today in Iraq, near the infamous city of Fallujah, 10 U.S. Marines were killed and 11 were wounded by a massive roadside bomb that was made up of several strung together artillery shells. Almost every day, you hear about roadside bombs killing a few American soldiers here, and few more there, and I for one am sick to death of it. I am sick of watching President Bush conduct this war like a pussyfoot version of Lyndon Johnson. They both looked at how they should truly conduct their respective wars, and all they could say was, "What would the neighbors think?!"

I was listening to Michael Savage on my way home from work, and he echoed my sentiments exactly- that we should either fight to win this thing, or get the hell out of there. But as long as we fight with both hands behind our back and limit our warfighting options for fear of (Allah forbid) offending the damn Muslims, we will continue to lose soldiers and marines to roadside bombs in the areas of Iraq that we should have carpet bombed and depopulated a long time ago. Many people don't realize that the vast majority of the problems in Iraq are confined to the Sunni Triangle between Baghdad, Fallujah, and Tikrit, and also the northern city of Mosul. Other than that, the country is doing quite well thank you very much (no thanks to the non-support of the Democrats/Leftists in our country).

The left is doing everything they can to make Iraq into another Vietnam. We won Vietnam militarily, but we lost the war at home. If Bush doesn't allow the military to start properly exterminating these cockroaches that the left-wing media lovingly refer to as "insurgents", another Vietnam is what we could have, because the American people (including me) are not going to stand for our soldiers being needlessly killed when we could solve the problem tomorrow with some good old fashioned violence. You think I am being too harsh? If all the terrorists in the areas surrounding Fallujah were bombed into paradise rather than hunted down and shot one by one, their will to fight (or to breathe for that matter), would be severely diminished. Evacuate the few civilians left in these places, and then wipe the problem areas off the map. The only message these cockroaches understand is violence. Playing nice and trying not to put bullet pock marks in their mosques is not going to improve our standing in their eyes, or the rest of the Muslim world for that matter. Now get on it President Bush!

Good Day to You, Sir

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