Monday, December 05, 2005

Ahhhh, Democracy in Action

In this column from Paul Jacob, we are introduced to some good old fashioned gutter politics in the great state of Oklahoma. The citizens there are in the process of attempting to get an initiative on the next ballot that limits government spending. Naturally the teachers union (and other unions) are opposed to this. So do they go out there and engage in a healthy debate with their opponents and try to convince the people of Oklahoma why they should see things the unions' way? Lord no! Are you kidding? This is America we are talking about. Instead, the unions' marching order to its goons and thugs is to complain to businesses that they are being harassed by initiative petitioners that are standing out in front of these businesses with their clipboards. Here is a charming narrative from one of those said goons:
The other day I saw one of these people outside a store. I went into the store and told the manager that he cussed me and my mother out for not signing. He called the security people and they ran him off. Now, sure this isn't true . . . he didn't cuss me out. But the way they are subverting democracy is a heck of a lot worse than me dealing with them in a manner I did.
Doesn't that just warm your heart? The political left believes in free speech... as long as they agree with what you are saying. And notice that according to the lying goon, it was the petitioner who was "subverting democracy". Straight out of Orwell: Freedom is slavery, up is down, black is white, and campaigning for a ballot initiative is subverting democracy.

Good Day to You, Sir

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