Monday, November 07, 2005

Piracy or Terror on the High Seas?

A report from details some additional information about a cruise ship that was attacked off the coast of Somalia last week. Initial reports described the attackers as pirates. We know what pirates want. They want to board a ship and rob it and its passengers blind. After the attack, the cruise ship had to find a port fast, because an unexploded missle was stuck in its hull. How are you going to rob a ship if you sink it, unless sinking it was your goal? If one does want to sink a ship full of civilians, then it isn't piracy, it is terrorism. Add to that the fact that the attack took place off the coast of a Muslim controlled country that is known as a haven for terrorists, and.... You do the math.

Good Day to You, Sir

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Anonymous said...

I kind of wondered the same thing when I read about this. I just assumed that they would loot the ship and passengers then blow it up. That way they could justify it to themselves as piracy and not terrorism. T