Monday, November 21, 2005

Celebration of the "Gangsta Thug" Culture

Here is a fascinating article from Matt Rosenberg of City Journal, regarding the cultural abyss into which many of our young people are sinking, and the leftist celebration of that fact.

Good Day to You, Sir

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George said...

As you know the issues aroused by this article are near and dear to my heart. Another question to consider is why so many immigrants to this "racist" country can do so well, while African-Americans struggle. I find it sad that the Civil Rights movement has been forgotten by so many young African Americans, despite it being taught in our schools. Integration has been achieved, but to an ungrateful youth.

Everyday I witness many young Afr-American men wasting their education, choosing fun and entertainment instead of books. I know that many of them stay up all night playing video games, while their immigrant colleagues are learning English, studying Chemistry, and saving their money.

Don't the gangstas realize that they are only perpetuating the stereotype of Jim Crow?