Thursday, October 27, 2005

Now, Tell Me Again, Which Party is the Party of Racism?

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs on this one, and no folks, I did not take this photo! Among the leftists and so-called progressives out there, it is an accepted fact that conservatives and Republicans are racists and hate black people. What you see here is a maliciously doctored photo of Maryland Lt. Governor Michael S. Steele, who just threw his hat in the ring for a Senate seat in Maryland. The catch is that Lt. Governor Steele is black, and he is a Republican. With that in mind, he is being excoriated by the left, because how DARE a black person be a Republican! This photo was posted at a left-wing blog that you can visit here. It makes sense really. Democrats were (and are still) the party of racism and slavery. Those southern sheriffs during the Jim Crow period? Democrats. Those southern politicians who wanted segregation to stick around? Democrats. I'll bet you didn't know that more Republicans voted in favor of the 1964 Civil Rights Bill than did Democrats. Did you know that the "conscience" of the Senate, Robert Byrd, a Democrat from West Virginia is a former honcho in the Ku Klux Klan? He is in the Senate as we speak, and the lefties do nothing but defend him. And here with this photo, we have a shining example of what the left does to black people who try to leave the leftist plantation. Don't blacks realize they are supposed to swear their allegiance to the Democrats in exchange for the paltry crumbs that the Dems throw their way? It is sickening to see how blacks who think independently are treated by the left. Look at the vitriol that they still sling at Clarence Thomas. Look at what happened to Bill Cosby when he expressed some criticism about some of the bad choices being made by members of the black community. Look at what happened to Janice Rogers Brown when she was nominated for the Federal Circuit Court. Check out this cartoon that was created to ridicule her. Keep in mind that this cartoon was run in a leftist publication, and a black one at that.

Bottom line, it is disgusting how the left treats black people who believe that they don't need help and handouts from whitey in order to be moral and successful. Don't take my word for it, listen to the eloquent words of Frederick Douglass, spoken 140 years ago:

"In regard to the colored people, there is always more that is benevolent, I perceive, than just, manifested towards us. What I ask for the Negro is not benevolence, not pity, not sympathy, but simply justice. The American people have always been anxious to know what they shall do with us ... I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are worm-eaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! ... And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone! ... Your interference is doing him positive injury."

Is that so hard for you on the left to understand?

Good Day to You, Sir


Howard Davis said...

Your problem is that you find some isolated incident of something (in this case an offensive cartoon) and attribute it to "the left." That is one person -- not an elected official, not a party representative, nobody. Just some anonymous blogger (who may not even be a true "lefty" as you like to call us).

Should the entire GOP be labeled as bigots because of, say, Strom Thurmond (who raped his black "help" when he was a teenager and fathered a child with his victim) or Trent Lott (refused to support a Senate statement that apologized for lynching -- he was one of two senators that did not vote for it)? I guess so, now.

Despite all your anger at blacks for not seeing things your way -- being opposed to affirmative action, being against the Voting Rights Act, being against a formal apology for slavery (which Clinton did and the GOP opposed) -- 98% of blacks support Democrats in the most recent polling. That is their choice. If you argue differently, than you are denigrating blacks by implying they cannot make up their own minds.

PS- Condi Rice is not evil because she is a black Republican. She is evil because she is a liar who continues to lie about the Iraq War. She should be brought up on charges, not celebrated by the right.

Chanman said...

Isolated incident? Ask a black conservative sometime about what kinds of names they have been called by liberals and fellow blacks because of their beliefs. I remember Julianne Malveaux of USA Today saying on TV that she hoped that Clarence Thomas's wife fed him a lot of eggs and butter so he would die early like a lot of black men. Holy Cow!

You bet I paint the Democrat party as a racist one; even if they don't realize it. It has been called the soft bigotry of low expectations. Again, they are the ones who support affirmative action, which holds minorities to a lower standard. According to the original law, it wasn't supposed to, but that is what ended up happening. If you think that my belief that everyone should be held to the same standards is racist, then I don't know what to tell you, except that you are sorely misguided.

By the way, the difference between the Republican Trent Lotts of the world and the Democrat Robert Byrds of the world is that when Lott made his unfortunate comments at Thurmond's 100th birthday party, Lott ended up losing his leadership position in Congress and was not defended by his fellow Republicans. When Byrd uttered the term "white niggers" not once but twice during a TV interview, nary a peep came from the Democrat side of the aisle, and I still hear Byrd referred to as the "conscience of the Senate." Pathetic.

One other thing, why is it that I should apologize for slavery? I was born 110 years after it ended. Why should the United States apologize for its slavery in the past? Is not 360,000 Union dead not restitution enough?

Howard Davis said...

I would not defend Robery Byrd -- never have. But he was not the Majority Leader of the Senate when he said that. You see, one of the many differences between you and I is that I am not afraid to say something negative about somone from my party when they do something wrong. You just stick right by them.

Why should YOU apologize for slavery? Well, maybe YOU shouldn't. But the US government should since it was allowed for decades in a country that says "all men are created equal". The legacy of slavery is still with us today, and that racism still affects blacks. The fact that conservatives refuse to acknowledge that, and get angry when it is pointed out, is a big reason why more blacks don't vote your way. Democrats don't have low expectations for blacks, they have high ones for America. We are still waiting for those bigoted elements of our society to die off, but they continue to live on as long as people like you continue to deny that slavery, segregation, and instituional racism is still putting black people at a disadvantage in America. That's a fact.

Chanman said...

I stick right by who? Trent Lott? I was glad to see him go.

Democrats don't have low expectations for blacks? Then why do you support holding them to a lower standard with programs like affirmative action? You still dodge that one.

I by no means deny that racism, segregation, and slavery put black people at a disadvantage once upon a time, but I guess I need to point out to you that the 1960s and before are long gone. Interestingly enough, according to Economist Thomas Sowell, Blacks were making more progress before LBJ's Great Society than after. If they are affected by the legacy of slavery and segregation, then how is it that their illiteracy rates and rates of out-of-wedlock births are MUCH higher now than 100-50 years ago when the racism and segregation they faced makes any remnants today a walk in the park? I don't know if you realize it, but the United States was not unique in the fact that once upon a time, it practiced slavery. Slavery has been around for thousands of years. What was unique however, is the fact that the United States (and Great Britain), took the initiative in ending slavery. Since you are so worked up about slavery, there are plenty of places in the world today where it is still practiced - Africa for one, ironically enough. I ask you again, and you failed to acknowledge, is not 360,000 deaths of Union soldiers not restitution enough for the evils of slavery?

And that's a fact.